Fall seven times, stand up eight - Japanese Proverb​​​

Amy Row ART

Mini block paintings available at: Meow Wolf art-o-mat machine in Santa Fe, NM and

Owl & Rabbit Gallery in Burlington, North Carolina

compulsive dreamer & lover of paint

Working with different mediums, I fancy bold vibrant paint colors and overemphasized features, yet appreciate the many shades and details of a simple pencil. Eyes inspire me, as they say that is the window to the soul. In a dark moment, laughter is thought to be the best medicine, so sometimes adding humor to my artwork feels therapeutic in a way. There is a monster and a beauty in us all and life is never what we anticipate. Dodging life's punches isn't an easy task. Sometimes head on is the only option, forcing an internal review, and release of emotional creativity. Trial, error, and lessons keep me moving forward on this ever interesting and fulfilling artistic path. - Amy